Fractional CMO

Outsourced CMO: Get the Marketing Expertise You Need, When You Need It.

Your Fractional Chief Marketing Officer is the marketing executive to help manage your growth. As the digital world grows and your business begins to scale, you must continually adapt your product and services to meet the needs of our audience. It’s time to bring in a CMO.

Grow Faster with a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

Expertise you need

Don’t rely on inexperienced marketers to dictate your business’s overall marketing strategy. Bring in a Fractional CMO to provide a comprehensive marketing plan for your business.

Cost you can afford

You don’t need a top-heavy organization with a full-time CMO on staff. A CMOx® provides you with the insights and reporting you need, without the high price.

Self-managing executives

A CMOx lightens your workload by managing all aspects of your company’s marketing department. From vendors to employees, a Fractional CMO acts as an executive.

What is a Fractional CMO?

A Fractional CMO is a marketing executive to help with customer acquisition, sales development and company growth. Your company gets executive experience without the full-time cost. The idea of a mid-sized company hiring a fractional executive is not new. Virtual CFOs, for example – pioneered by companies like Tatum and vcfo – have been around for decades. They can bring incredible value to companies where having a full-time CFO wouldn’t make sense, either fiscally or even practically due to the typical scope of challenges needing attention. At Chief Outsiders, we provide that same kind of value to your marketing department.

A Fractional CMO is an experienced marketing executive who works with a business on a fractional basis, with a focus on:

Defining marketing strategy
Translating marketing strategy into action and results
Managing, growing, and mentoring the company’s marketing team
Driving sales growth
The idea of mid-sized companies hiring fractional executives is not new, though there has been significant growth in this practice over the past several years. A fractional CMO can bring incredible value to companies where having a full-time CMO wouldn’t make sense, either fiscally or even practically due to the typical scope of challenges needing attention.

With more than 110 experienced CMOs from a wide variety of disciplines, the Chief Marketing Officers from Chief Outsiders become a key part of your executive team — prepared with decades of experience and insights that they use to take a holistic view of your business.

Fractional CMOs from Chief Outsiders work with you to develop strategic insights, formulate branding strategy, and oversee a marketing transformation that will get you – and keep you – on top of your competitive marketplace. They embed with your leadership team and seek to understand your business objectives in order to to develop fresh and impactful marketing strategies that will drive growth for your organization. With their experience running the marketing function and developing marketing talent, they can transform your team into a lead machine, driving sales growth.

Because our experienced professionals are available for fractional engagements, they are a more affordable option than hiring a full-time CMO or marketing agency. And they deliver with excellence, earning more than 2.5 times the industry average Net Promoter Score from their satisfied clients.

What is a Fractional CMO?

A fractional CMO is a marketing executive serving businesses by leading marketing strategy, sales development, growth opportunities, and heading the marketing department. Businesses use fractional CMO services because they do not need a full-time CMO but still require expert strategy and leadership.

Businesses enjoy the flexibility a fractional CMO provides. Often, it makes sense to bring in a fractional chief marketing officer as opposed to a full-time CMO. This can be for financial reasons, as a typical full-time CMO salary can cost more than $200,000 per year. Or because the work needed to be done by the CMO does not require a full-time position.

Fractional CMO Responsibilities

  • Developing the marketing strategy for both the short-term and long-term.
  • Deciding and committing to which marketing strategies are best for your business, such as SEO, content marketing, paid advertising, or a podcast, etc.
  • Solving marketing problems that will arise and need to be resolved quickly.
  • Leading the marketing department and inspiring team members.
  • Hiring new employees and building out your team for success.
  • Working with outsourced agencies leaning on their experience.

Your Fractional CMO should have a wealth of marketing and managerial experience. Therefore, the Fractional CMO should be the natural leader of the marketing team.

In addition to leadership qualities, a good Fractional CMO is to be seen as the c-suite level marketing strategist who helps organizations achieve their marketing goals.

Your Fractional CMO from CMO Exponential works closely with both your business leadership team and the marketing talent executing the marketing tactics on a day-to-day basis.

Why you need a Fractional CMO

A business needs a Fractional CMO when they require marketing leadership and the expert marketing strategy skills of a CMO, but do not need it on a full-time basis.

Reasons a business needs Fractional CMO services:

  • Marketing Leadership: Your marketing department requires leadership from an experienced marketing professional. In addition to leading the marketing team, a leader is required in terms of decision-making.
  • Marketing Strategy: Your business needs a comprehensive marketing strategy for your niche and industry. Such as a Fractional CMO with years of experience in SaaS or private equity.
  • Part-time CMO: You require the skill set of a chief marketing officer, but not for the 40 hours per week that a full-time CMO will be. Even if you need a Fractional CMO for only 5 hours per week, or 20. Your agreement is flexible.
  • Experience: You have staff to execute marketing campaigns, but they lack strategic experience. Therefore, you need someone who has done it before and can foresee challenges and obstacles.
  • Reporting & KPIs: You need to monitor the health and progress of your campaigns and have someone lead weekly KPIs meetings. Namely, so your team has accountability and is always results-focused.
  • Optimization: You need to improve marketing campaign optimization by having an expert identify opportunities and new possibilities.
  • Efficiency: Your existing marketing team’s efficiency is below optimal. You need leadership and management to maximize efficiency for your marketing department.
  • Go-to-market Strategy: You are a startup or are launching a new product or service for your business. You will need a new marketing plan for the short-term and the next few years. Your digital marketing efforts need to be precisely planned out so your marketers know exactly what to do. Additionally, they need to know what marketing initiatives and key performance indicators are a sign of success.

Meet Dann Ball

Your New Chief Marketing Officer

Dann Ball, CMO for Hire

Your Chief Marketing Officer is the marketing executive to help manage your growth. As the digital world grows and your business begins to scale, you must continually adapt your product and services to meet the needs of our audience. It’s time to bring in a CMO.

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Marketing Areas

Covered as acting Chief Marketing Officer


Marketing Audit

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Strategy Development

Defining marketing strategy



Translating marketing strategy into action and results



Managing, growing, and mentoring the company’s marketing team


Brand Management

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Marketing Operations

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Campaign Management

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On-going support

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Fractional CMO Services

See below for the steps to getting started and what you will receive.

Your New CMO

Use metric-driven decision-making and our Fractional CMO services to reach your business’s goals.

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Focused Value

Our proprietary methodology, the Functional Marketing® Framework is proven to improve your current marketing programs, marketing results, and the way the marketing team runs. From dysfunctional to functional.

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Hire the highest level non-full time marketing executive, the Fractional CMO.

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Workshops & Seminars

We help businesses improve their current marketing campaigns through expert marketing strategy and leadership.

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CMO as a service

A Chief Marketing Officer when you need it

Get access to a senior marketing manager when you need it, on your terms. Your on-call CMO can engage with you to build strategic marketing plans, manage your marketing activities and optimise marketing performance. We are not an advertising agency. Rather, we’ll play a pivotal role translating your business objectives into an actionable marketing plan and leverage our network to execute campaigns that deliver results.

Growth-focused Marketing Strategy & Leadership

Our Fractional CMOs are growth-focused strategic experts. Moreover, profitability in campaigns is crucial to what we understand success with a client to be. This can be done through maximizing the efficiency within your marketing team. Therefore our first 90 days with a client will focus on improving the systems and processes within your marketing department.

This is most effectively done via our weekly reporting on marketing KPIs through a scorecard. We will create this, or improve your current one, as an immediate improvement for your marketing department.

As you consider a Fractional CMO for your high-growth business, consider the cost of not having a marketing leader. Additionally, think of the potential gains of having an experienced marketing leader.

Consider the risk you’re taking by having a marketing director or coordinator set the campaign objectives and success criteria in your organization. Odds are, they are under-qualified for the role.

By hiring a fractional CMO from CMOx, you’re getting the confidence and capabilities your team needs to reach new heights, both in terms of sales and profitability.


What Clients Are Saying

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How it works

Step 1

Discovery Call

At your convenience, Chief Outsiders will set a time for you to share your unique challenges and opportunities for growth

Step 2

CMO Match

We help match your situation and requirements to one or more fractional CMOs, facilitating your selection to ensure you’ll get the right expertise plus a good cultural fit

Step 3

Statement of Work

We develop a customized statement of work to achieve the desired outcomes with agreed to timeframes and costs

Step 4

Quick Start

Your CMO gets started in days, working month to month, without a long-term commitment

Fractional CMO Services for Business Owners

For some of our clients, a better marketing plan is all they need. Although providing the on-going service of a fractional CMO to organizations is the heart of what we offer, we also provide one-time deliverables to help your business identify the right marketing strategy and figure out what’s needed for implementation.

Fractional CMO for Hire

CMO Engaged

By spending approximately ten hours a week inside your business, your CMO will:

  • Translate the CEO & the Board’s vision into marketing campaigns and objectives
  • Define the key talent the business needs to reach its goals
  • Assist HR in finding, interviewing, and managing qualified talent to implement marketing strategy
  • Report weekly to the CEO and Board on all KPIs mutually defined as important
  • Continually innovate ways to reach marketing and sales goals despite roadblocks


Fractional CMO Guidance

CMO Advisor

After a half-day consult or a 12 week sprint with CMO Engaged, you can bring on a Fractional CMO to advise your team and keep your marketing department on track.

  • Sprint planning calls led twice-monthly
  • Unlimited email correspondence
  • Grow long-term with the least financial risk
  • Access to our marketing campaign standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • 6-month minimum commitment


CMO Half-Day Consultative Strategy Session

CMO Half-Day Consult

Half a day with your business will aim to resolve:

  • deep dive into your marketing strategy and provide clear direction on what needs to be improved to reach your goals
  • 4-hour Strategy Session for your team using the Functional Marketing® Framework to focus your marketing strategy. Custom, bespoke based on your companies needs
  • 7-day preparation period via email correspondence
  • deliver immediate marketing punch list, list of blindspots, and marketing campaigns for next 1-6 months


Let’s Get Started

Take the first step to success and hire a fractional CMO

Schedule a free 30 minute discovery call at a time that suits you.

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